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The Ancient Unknown :






I met  the Ancient Unknown on 17th october 2019 when I was invited by the lead singer and guitarist named "Crispin" to see a live gig. We got in touch on a facebook forum where I was looking for work and they where looking for a keyboardist. The live show  was original and different and  I was convinced. I joined the band. Since then we have  done gigs such as " The New cross Inn, The underbelly, music video and released a single named " Jesus Christ" Recently we went to record at "Rockfileds Studio" in wales , What an Experience , the queen of experience !

 Ardee :


I Joined the band in 2016 when i was still in university. Super excited to play in different venues around London. Boosting my repertoire from traditional Irish songs  to Prince.  It was a very formative experience.  I built up my stamina and my hard skin fingers.

Reborn :

 2012  few friends and cousins, a lot of enthusiasm and fun, this is my very special teenage band. Rehearsals in a garage but managing to  take the stage of  "La Fete De La Musique" in France in summer ....... It was like a dream come true ! 

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